Centurion Cage has manufactured an increasingly fine line of cages for the avian market. We have always strived to improve our products and adapted to the needs and desires of our customers.

Working to create a more enjoyable and safer environment for your feathered family members, we designed the Original Walk-in Aviary so you would have room to develop a more desirable area of activity and interaction for you and your companion. Birds love to be outside in the wind, sun, and the rain, when their inside they like lots of things to do the Walk-in offers a solution for either interior or exterior use.

Centurion Cage offers you a complete support system, instructions for assembly and exterior preparation, accessories to complete your companions new home and phone consultation if needed to assure you every detail is addressed. Because of this, we have a loyal customer base and are recognized nationally for quality and devotion to safety. Let us help you build a near perfect home & activity center for your feathered family member.

Thank you from all of us at Centurion Cage.